(QC ONLY) Dynarex Insulin Syringes 1/2cc with 27G x 1/2'' Needle 100/Box



Dynarex Insulin Syringes are high-quality syringes designed to deliver insulin effectively and precisely. Each sterile, disposable syringes is securely attached to prevent needle pop-off and features a stainless-steel needle that is coated with medical-grade lubricant and a double-beveled tip for smoother insertion. The transparent barrel is clearly marked with bold font for accurate dose measurement. Sterile and disposable Lubricant coated, thin-walled, stainless-steel needle with double-bevel point Transparent barrel with large-font gradations Non-toxic and non-pyrogenic For use with U-100 insulin Not made with natural rubber latex

SKU: BS-718-6940-BX

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