Prevail® Daily Incontinence Pant Liners 28 Inch Heavy Absorbency (96 count)

$99.95 CAD

Prevail Daily Pant Liners, Heavy Absorbency 

28 Inch long

6 packs of 16 (96 count)

SKU: BS-740-PL-115


  • MaxSorb™ Gel Technology locks up moisture to help you feel cleaner, fresher, and drier
  • Omni-Odor Guard™ is a dual-action system that helps prevent odors before they start
  • Prevail® Pantliners are extra absorbent for light to moderate bladder leakage
  • Full length adhesive strip secures the product inside the user's underwear for maximum leakage protection with a discreet and comfortable fit
  • Soft material quickly wicks wetness away from skin