TSK STERiGLIDE™ Cannula (with Introducer Needles)

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– 50% better gliding
– Reduced risk of bruising
– Easier cannula introduction
– Reduced patient discomfort

After TSK’s first cannula introduction with the CSH Cannula, TSK introduced their award winning STERiGLIDE™ cannula in 2012. The STERiGLIDE™ outperforms any other cannula available and remains to lead the market as the golden standard.


20 pieces (+20 introduction needles)


22G, 25G, 27G, 30G


25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 70mm


Blunt tip cannulas


Dermal filler


Features & Benefits:

Dome Shaped Tip Design

  • Easier cannula introduction
  • Reduced risk of bruising

The patented dome shaped tip of the STERiGLIDE creates less resistance than a traditional cannula tip. This reduces the cannula introduction force needed and the risk of bruising.

Nearest to Tip Filler Delivery

  • More Accurate filler placement
  • Reduced product loss

Practitioners can see and feel the end of the cannula tip. Delivery of filler near the end of the tip creates a more accurate sense of filler placement. It also reduces product loss in the tip ending.

Proprietary Surface Treatment

  • Up to 50% better gliding
  • Reduced patient discomfort

STERiGLIDE cannulas are made of the highest quality steel with a proprietary surface treatment. This reduces friction with skin tissue and patient discomfort, and improves the cannula handling.

Clear Side-Port Marking

  • More accurate filler placement
  • Better handling

The hard polymer hub of the STERiGLIDE cannula has a clear side-port marking. The marking indicates the position of the needle opening and acts as a visual aid for more accurate filler delivery.